Global Health & Medicine 2023;5(3):128-135.

Future perspective of psychiatric home-visit nursing provided by nursing stations in Japan

Setoya N, Aoki Y, Fukushima K, Sakaki M, Kido Y, Takasuna H, Kusachi H, Hirahara Y, Katayama S, Tachimori H, Funakoshi A, Kayama M


Psychiatric home-visit nursing supports the lives of people with mental disorders in the community and plays an important role in the "community-based integrated care system" which is rapidly being implemented in Japan. Although the number of responsive home-visit nursing stations (HVNS) is increasing, the current situation of service provision has not yet been clarified. This study aimed to investigate the characteristics and difficulties of psychiatric home-visit nursing provided by HVNS. We further discussed future care provisions and service improvements. We conducted a questionnaire survey of 7,869 member stations of the National Association for Visiting Nurse Service; of this number 2,782 facilities (35.4%) responded. Of the 2,782 facilities, 1,613 (58.0%) provided psychiatric home-visit nursing. The HVNS that provided psychiatric home-visit nursing were diverse, and the percentage of users with mental disorders ranged widely. Majority of the HVNS reported having "difficulty in caring for users/families who refuse care" (56.3%), "difficulty in care for psychiatric symptoms" (54.0%), and "difficulty in assessment of psychiatric symptoms" (49.1%), with differences in difficulty depending on the percentage of psychiatric users. As user needs and HVNS characteristics diversify, it is necessary to take advantage of the characteristics of each station to develop consultation and training systems and collaborative network platforms within each community for future sustainable service provision.

KEYWORDS: psychiatric home-visit nursing, community care, psychiatric nursing

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2023.01034

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