Global Health & Medicine 2024;6(2):141-148.

Patient satisfaction with nursing care in infertility patients: A questionnaire survey

Wang J, Li LS, Zhou J, Pan XY, Qi Q, Sun HM, Wang L


Infertility remains a persistent global reproductive health challenge, with causative factors encompassing abnormalities in both the male and female reproductive systems. Typically, female partners seek initial consultations for infertility concerns, often within the context of routine annual well-woman check-ups. Nurses providing preventive care play a crucial role, conducting initial diagnostic assessments, and addressing certain causes of infertility. Patient satisfaction serves as a vital indicator of care quality. Identifying factors contributing to patient satisfaction with nursing services is crucial, yet research in this area has been limited. This study aimed to compare infertility patients' assessments of nurse quality and satisfaction with hospital services. The findings could offer valuable insights for healthcare providers, hospitals, and policymakers, guiding improvements in nursing care delivery and enhancing patient satisfaction in China's infertility treatment sector. By understanding patients' perspectives and experiences, healthcare providers can make necessary adjustments to improve care quality and patient outcomes. The sample included 1200 patients, and data collection utilized a self-assessment questionnaire, with percentages employed for analysis. Nurses are integral to caring for infertility patients during visits and conducting research to advance fertility care practices.

KEYWORDS: patient satisfaction, healthcare quality, infertility

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2023.01044

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