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Global Health & Medicine -> 2024 Vol.6(No.2)

Developments and current challenges in the process of cell culturebased seasonal influenza vaccine manufacture in Japan
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):93-100.
Original Article
Prevalence, characteristics, and virologic correlations of hepatitis delta (D) among patients with hepatitis B surface antigen in Mongolia
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):101-107.
Knowledge, attitudes, practices and prevalence of hepatitis B and C and hepatitis B vaccination coverage among public sector healthcare workers in Cambodia
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):108-116.
Prevalence of transmitted drug resistance and phylogenetic analysis of HIV-1 among antiretroviral therapy-naïve patients in Northern Vietnam from 2019 to 2022
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):117-123.
Coronary artery stenosis in Japanese people living with HIV-1 with or without haemophilia
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):124-131.
Decreased resting-state functional connectivity and brain network abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex of elderly patients with Parkinson's disease accompanied by depressive symptoms
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):132-140.
Patient satisfaction with nursing care in infertility patients: A questionnaire survey
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):141-148.
Development of aids to relieve vulvodynia during the postpartum period
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):149-155.
Crisis management for the future: Building a platform to provide information on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases from normal times in Japan
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):156-159.
Proposal to apply a "Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA)" based approach to manage the COVID-19-related mental health problems in the era of long COVID
Global Health & Medicine. 2024; 6(2):160-163.