Global Health & Medicine 2021;3(3):175-179.

The advances in dealing with the safety of medicated drugs in pregnancy

Murashima A, Yakuwa N, Koinuma S, Uno C, Takai C, Fujioka I, Goto M, Ito N, Watanabe O, Yamatani A


The Japan Drug Information Institute in Pregnancy (JDIIP) was established with the aims of providing information on drug safety to women who are worried about drug use during pregnancy and creating evidence through epidemiological studies based on counseling cases. Since being established, JDIIP has made many contributions to the wellness of mothers and children by promoting the proper use of drugs during pregnancy. A network consisting of Core hospitals in 47 prefectures plays an important role in providing information for women living anywhere in Japan. Because cases of exposure to drugs whose safety we want to analyze are usually rare, networks of domestic and foreign teratology information services are necessary in order to produce high-quality evidence. JDIIP has been contributing to the education of pharmacists and doctors and to the creation of clinical practice guidelines in various medical societies by using keywords such as "pregnancy" and "medication". Future issues include creating an environment that is easily accessible for those seeking consultation, building a mechanism that makes it easy to create a basis for safety, and aiming for the continuing development of the organization.

KEYWORDS: drug safety, pregnancy, counseling, epidemiological study

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2020.01120

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