Global Health & Medicine 2019;1(2):110-113.

How can we strengthen pathology services in Cambodia?

Akaba H, Fujita N, Stauch G, Matsumoto Y, Wakasa T, Kawahara K, Sawabe M, Kawai T


Rapid economic growth and a changing disease burden have increased the demand for pathology services in Cambodia. This paper describes the status of pathological services and international support for pathology professionals in Cambodia, and discusses future needs for strengthening pathology services. In 2016, there were only four pathologists and 18 pathology technologists in Cambodia. A postgraduate course in pathology was created in 2015, and five residents became certified in 2018. Besides multinational support with lectures and practice for pathologists, the Japanese team provides on-the-job training for pathology technologists to improve slide preparation for diagnosis. A clinicopathological conference was introduced to strengthen the communication among pathologists, pathology technologists, and gynecologists. Although there is a long way to go to reach high quality pathological services, coordination among international partners needs to continue, as does the balance between human resource development for pathology professionals, to provide a higher level of care to local citizens.

KEYWORDS: Pathologist, pathology technologist, human resource development, cervical cancer

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2019.01023

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