Global Health & Medicine 2022;4(3):197-200.

A review of four cases of COVID-19 medically evacuated by ambulance jet from Asian countries to Japan: Importance of strict infection control measures against multidrug-resistant organisms

Kubota Y, Hase R, Kurita T, Mito H, Yano Y


International medical evacuation, which is an option to receive better medical care for travelers with emergencies staying in low- and middle-income countries, has been more challenging during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. We herein discuss our experience with four Japanese patients with COVID-19 who required medical evacuation from Asian countries during the pandemic. Of these, none of the patients had received a COVID-19 vaccine; three patients needed oxygen therapy on admission to our hospital; and one patient died due to respiratory failure on day 50 after hospitalization. It was observed that multidrug-resistant organisms were colonized in two patients after obtaining culture results based on active surveillance. Strict infection control measures against multidrug-resistant organisms should be implemented during the care of patients with COVID-19 who require medical evacuation from high-risk countries. Further, it is important to communicate timely updates regarding the patient's condition with travel assistance agencies as the patient's condition may rapidly change during the course of arranging the evacuation.

KEYWORDS: COVID-19, medical evacuation, multidrug-resistant organisms

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2021.01126

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