Global Health & Medicine 2022;4(4):247-249.

Boosting multiregional clinical trials (MRCT) in Asia through the establishment of the Japan-led network for clinical research, the ARO alliance for ASEAN & East Asia (ARISE)

Sonoda M, Umano Urbiztondo MR, Siburian MD, Kerdsakundee N, Muchanga SMJ, Iiyama T


There is an increasing demand for clinical research, and this demand has particularly increased during the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic. In the light of these events, fostering international cooperation has become essential. The ARO Alliance for ASEAN & East Asia (ARISE) is a Japan-led international network for clinical research in Asia that was established to encourage and facilitate multiregional clinical trials. The Department of International Trials of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) launched ARISE in December 2021 to pursue efficacious, high-quality clinical research and ensure rapid responses to health emergencies, with the timely provision of new medicinal products to patients in Asia.

KEYWORDS: clinical research, clinical trial, global health, Asia

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2022.01007

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