Global Health & Medicine 2022;4(5):285-288.

How should support for hospital staff during health shocks be improved? A discussion from Japan's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Honda A, Tamura T, Baba H, Kodoi H, Noda S


Human resources for health are at the center of healthcare service delivery and play an important role in ensuring the resilience of health systems. Utilizing the results from a case study examining hospital resilience during COVID-19, this article draws on the experience of individual hospital staff during the first and second waves of the pandemic, briefly describes government responses to support human resources for health during the early stages of the pandemic, and argues the importance of constructive discussions about strategies to create an enabling work environment for healthcare providers, both clinical and non-clinical, during future health shocks.

KEYWORDS: human resources for health, health system resilience, enabling work environment

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2022.01020

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