Global Health & Medicine 2023;5(5):285-293.

Effects of the project on enhancement of teaching skills in gerontic nursing practice of Indonesian nursing lecturer and clinical nurse preceptor

Sudo K, Watanuki S, Matsuoka H, Otake E, Yatomi Y, Nagaoka N, Iino K


The Indonesia health care services require knowledgeable and skilled nurses as professional service providers, especially in a gerontic nursing area. Moreover, widening the gap between academic and clinical practice is also an issue, which affects the care service quality. In these circumstances, the project to enhance the educational skills of nursing lecturers and clinical nurse preceptors in gerontic nursing practice was started in 2020. Japanese nursing education experts provided guidance on the principle theory of nursing practice in basic nursing education and conducted workshops to develop nursing practice materials for 10 Indonesian trainees. The project provided 3 webinars for more than 100 Indonesian nursing lecturers and preceptors each time, 18 workshops and developed 2 virtual reality (VR) materials, 8 supervisions of the trial class and 5 lectures onsite and online. This study aimed to clarify the effects of the project evaluated in the process and its impact using a questionnaire survey and interviews conducted. The results of the questionnaire survey for students showed that 20% of their knowledge and skills in gerontic nursing, increased and the extent of understanding and satisfaction was high. Lecurers and preceptors perceived improvement in their teaching skills, especially in theoretical thinking and evidence-based teaching methods. Notably, "the evaluation from others" would be a facilitating factor of the project. The project effects were clarified and achieved the goal and objectives of the project.

KEYWORDS: basic nursing education, Unification between academic and clinical settings, virtual reality

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2023.01046

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