Global Health & Medicine 2023;5(5):311-315.

Issues in enhancing continuing professional development for midwives in clinical practice in Mongolia

Ikemoto M, Inoue N, Yambii O, Serdamba D, Demberel B, Manlai M, Batchuluun B, Demchig D, Ulam-Orgikh N, Purvee E, Nagai M


Midwives are professionals who fulfill maternal and child health needs. In Mongolia, midwives were unable to transfer their knowledge and skills to the next generation midwives last few decades. The details of their experiences and the comprehensive aspects of continuing professional development (CPD) are still unclear. This study aimed to assess the current status of midwives in clinical practice through an online symposium. Relevant information was collected from presentations, question-and-answer sessions, and questionnaires. It was found that CPD has unclear training plans, no specialized training, and with them having little experience with CPD. Newly graduated midwives do not have an educational program. As of the current status, midwifery services are not provided at the clinical site in the scope of midwifery job descriptions. This study also discusses the situation of low status and salary in midwifery. Strengthening the system of midwifery CPD like development of the educational program is needed.

KEYWORDS: continuing professional development, midwife, job description, Mongolia

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2023.01027

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