Global Health & Medicine 2024;6(3):222-224.

Rescue of outflow block of the remnant left liver after extended right hemihepatectomy for resection of a tumor in the caudate lobe

Kawaguchi S, Onozawa S, Momose H, Matsuki R, Kogure M, Suzuki Y, Sakamoto Y


Outflow block of the liver is a life-threatening event after living donor liver transplantation. Herein, we rescued a patient suffering from the outflow block of the remnant left hemiliver caused by bending of the left hepatic vein (LHV) after right hemihepatectomy plus caudate lobectomy combined with resection of the middle hepatic vein (MHV). A metastatic tumor sized 6 cm in the caudate lobe of the liver involving the root of the MHV was found in a 50's year old patient after resection of a right breast cancer eight years ago. Right hemihepatectomy and caudate lobectomy combined with resection of the MHV was performed using a two-stage hepatectomy (partial TIPE ALPPS). On day 1, the total bilirubin value increased to 4.5 mg/dL, and a dynamic computed tomography (CT) scan showed the bent LHV. On the diagnosis of outflow block of the left liver, a self-expandable metallic stent was placed in the LHV using an interventional approach, and the pressure in the LHV decreased from 27 cmH2O to 12 cmH2O. The bilirubin value decreased to 1.2 mg/dL on day 3. Outflow block of the LHV can happen after extended right hemihepatectomy with resection of the MHV. Early diagnosis and interventional stenting treatment can rescue the patient from congestive liver failure.

KEYWORDS: ALPPS, interventional stenting, left hepatic vein, liver failure, outflow block

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2023.01105

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