Global Health & Medicine 2020;2(2):140-141.

Can we apply lessons learned from Ebola experience in West Africa for COVID-19 in lower income countries?

Nagai M, Oikawa M, Tamura T, Egami Y, Fujita N


The COVID-19 affects vulnerable groups disproportionally in a society where inequities are longstanding issue. Weak health system, especially the shortage and maldistribution of capable health workforce will be the main challenge in lower income countries to fight against the COVID-19. Applying the lesson learned and success from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is important. International collaboration with already well functioned local mechanisms, such as the Network of Managers of Health Workforce in Francophone Africa is the key to provide prompt support. This approach contributes not only to the short-term COVID-19 control but also long-term strengthening of the sustainable and resilient health system in the lower income countries.

KEYWORDS: public health emergency, international collaboration, health system, health workforce, Francophone Africa

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2020.01028

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